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Rudy's Tree and Landscape


Reference from Rose Young, Landscapes

Rose Young, Landscapes
P.O. Box 715
Carlisle, MA 01741

February 9, 2000

To: Whom It May Concern

Re: Rudy�s Tree & Landscape
Acton, MA

As owner of Rose Young, Landscapes, I have had the privilege of working with Rudy�s Tree & Landscape for the past 7 years. We have completed a variety of projects from acres to small yards. In working with my design plans, they have logistically organized projects over months of time and some projects phased over years.

Rudy�s is the general landscape contractor for the jobs: coordinating sprinkler system companies, fence companies, etc., finalizing a job down to every detail which have included: landscape construction with difficult sites, installations around new swimming pools, extensive grading work, terracing with boulders and working near wetlands.

They have installed granite stairs, bluestone, brick or paver walkways; large 25ft trees, selected and installed large shrubs and plant material for the projects including perennial and woodland gardens. Rudy�s have done extensive tree work, from tree removal to the limbing up of dead branches and select and ornamental pruning. I highly recommend them.

My clients and I have been very impressed with their professionalism, high attentiveness throughout the projects and with an ongoing willingness to please. It is rare to come across a landscape contractor that is so thorough as as Rudy�s Tree & Landscape for any professional landscape project.

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