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Reference from Matthew and Sheila Hiatt

We first met Mark Piantedosi from Rudy's Tree and Landscaping in December of 2003 to discuss landscape lighting for our property in Milton. We had purchased our home a year before and had just completed a major landscaping project in which we added a new circular driveway, a rear bluestone patio, a Parisian garden and completely overhauled the plantings that had been in place. The only thing missing was the proper lighting.

We had used a well-respected and well-known landscaping contractor to do the work, but he did not hesitate to give us Mark's name to complete our project. In addition to simple pathway lighting, we had some "problem" areas that needed help. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and spent a great deal of time speaking to us and listening to our concerns. A few weeks later we received a detailed proposal and lighting plan.

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for Rudy's, we learned that we were expecting our second child and decided to put off doing any further work for the time being.

In May of 2005, we called Rudy's to say that we had decided to finally get our lighting work done. Mark called back immediately to schedule an appointment. Not only did Mark come back to our home to meet with us, he again spent quite a while with us, reviewing his plan to make sure that our needs had not changed. We made a few revisions and got our new proposal shortly thereafter, which by the way was very similar in price to our original proposal. We scheduled the work to be done in a few weeks.

The next week, I called Mark to tell him that we were having a BBQ for my daughter's first birthday and to see if he could possibly complete his work two weeks earlier than scheduled. While I didn't expect him to be able to do it, I was so pleasantly surprised when he called back to say that it wouldn't be a problem.

Mark and his crew did an outstanding job. Not only do we have beautiful copper walkway lights, but Mark picked the perfect trees to uplight to enhance our garden's beauty. In our "problem" areas, we used special downlighting to mimic the moonlight cascading down through the branches. The effect is soft, filtered lighting which is absolutely perfect.

We high recommend Mark and Rudy's Tree and Landscaping to everyone.

Matthew & Sheila Hiatt


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