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Reference from Mark & Karen Green

During the summer of 1999, we engaged Rudy's Tree and Landscape to perform a complete re-landscaping of our front and back yards, incident to the construction of a new swimming pool in our backyard. We are pleased to furnish this recommendation, based on our experience on that project.

As a threshold matter, Rudy's service was timely and reliable. That should require no particular mention, but it is unfortunately rare (and therefore pleasing) when a contractor comes when he says he will and completes his work on time. In addition to completing its own work on time, Rudy's often pushed other contractors (and coordinated with them) to cause completion of related elements of the project, so as to allow the entire job to complete in a timely manner.

Above all, we were struck by the quality of the work, and the obvious care attached to it. All members of the crew worked hard from the moment of their arrival on site. The plantings were selected with care, and planted properly. Rudy's exceptional service is perhaps best captured by the following example which, though involving only one aspect of Rudy's performance, illustrates its overall approach.

The summer of 1999 was unseasonably dry. As a result of the pool excavation, our sprinkler system was disabled during construction and landscaping installation. On several of the hottest Sunday afternoons, Mark Piantedosi arrived at our home (sometimes with his young daughter's assistance) to hand water the newly-planted material, to insure its survival. We greatly appreciated his care, even on those days when (finding him on our return from the beach) his efforts sparked some mild feelings of guilt on our part!

Our experience with Rudy's was uniformly positive, and we highly recommend their service.

Mark & Karen Green

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