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Rudy's Tree and Landscape


Property Maintenance

   A uniformed crew supervised by a foreman will make weekly visits. All lawn areas will be cut to a height of 3-3&perc12;", grass clippings bagged and removed from the site. Bed edges, walkways and grass/building interfaces will be string trimmed. Grounds to be policed for trash and debris. All walks, stairs, patios and driveways will be blown clean. Shrub beds to be raked periodically to maintain a fresh appearance. We will monitor sprinkler systems and adjust time and frequency as needed. Monitoring for insects and diseases on lawns and plant material will be an ongoing process. A typical season consists of between 26-28 cuttings. Fall leaf removal will be performed weekly and a final visit will involve a thorough cleaning of all shrub beds. A program can be tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.

We Employ MCLP - ALCM  

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